Friday, September 07, 2007


Edits in bold: Denise's comment made me remember more jobs...sure glad her dad was willing to employ me!

The jobs I've had in my relatively short life are varied (well, Eric says they're lame)...some are pretty funny...and none as rewarding or as adventurous as my current career of wife & mommy! These are in reverse chrono best as I can remember:

1. Mommy & Household Manager
2. Cake Artist
3. Transcriptionist (thankfully, this contract fell apart after 1 month, it wasn't much fun)
4. Mortgage Processor
5. Insurance Claims Assistant (i.e. file girl)
6. Substitute Teacher (I actually liked Jr. Hi over HS & elementary--I'd never seen so much snot in my life!)
7. Office Organizer (this was a 2-day contract job)
8. Financial Services Business Development Officer (my "marketing career" job...I guess it put to use my degree for a while--still had to stuff envelopes though...gag!)
9. Office Assistant (@ various temporary assignments)
10. Retail Sales Area Supervisor (I sold dresses & sportsware)
11. Mary Kay Lady (I was a woman on a mission with a passion and a vision...for about a week. Then I was a woman with a lot of make up to sell and nobody who wanted to buy it and my honey wasn't happy with my credit card balance!)
12. Administrative Assistant @ Coca-Cola (another temp job)
13. Summer Nanny (these little girls are all grown up now!)
14. Office Assistant @ a public radio station (my boring college job--how do YOU like bulk mail? Well, labeling it is less fun.)
15. Income Tax Return Proofreader for H&R Block during tax time (great people to work with, hardest job EVER for a person who is NOT task-oriented!)
16. Waitress @ a Mexican Restaurant (much fun college job--still miss Antonio's)
17. Orientation Leader for College Freshmen
18. Waitress @ a small town cafe (would you like your tea in your glass or on your lap...oh, I'm sorry)
19. Office Assistant @ a small roofing company (out of the owners' trailer house...that was interesting as I paid bills with money that wasn't there)
20. Burger Flipper & Ice Cream server Extraordinaire @ Bob & Ella's (this was my High School job--great memories here & Jo worked here through HS too)
21. Golf Ball Picker-upper at a driving range (okay, it was in the field behind my house--Jo & I got paid by the bucket of balls)
22. Poop Scooper at a dog kennel (ye-ah, MOM signed Jo & I up for that one!)
23. House Cleaning Lady (after the lady said she didn't have a toilet bowl scrubber and just used a paper towl...I don't think I came back!)
24. Summer Babysitter (those kids were nuts--& all I wanted to do was talk on the phone, watch Y&R & practice my cheer routines...rah, rah, rah!)
25. Bowling Alley League Babysitter (I watched the rug rats in the bowling ball locker room while Mom bowled on Monday nights at Cheney Lanes)

Okay...well, that wasn't toooo many, was it? Just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I´m Karin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I found your blog by casuality.
I´m a mom too, very happy too. I have 2 kids (11 and 7 years) I have 37 years old.
I enjoy your blog, and the video with the song.
I think you look like Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seatle". She is very preety too.
You are nice. Best regards.

Resa said...

Hi Karin! So do you have a blog? If I were Meg Ryan (thanks for the compliment) I would totally be her character in Sleepless--I like to sing Christmas Carols while I'm driving & looking at a map! I have a long-lost friend that is from Buenos Aires...any idea of how to find someone down there?

Denise said...

Picking up golf balls? Who in the world would put a driving range in a field behind someone's house? I found this very hilarious...and it brought back memories for me as well! I am a little ticked at the owner. I don't think I got paid for all the golf balls I picked up!

Resa said...

Ya Denise, I remember Mom dragging us out of bed so we could go tromp through the weeds carrying our buckets. I can hardly believe I survived living in the 'country' as a kid...I'm much more suited to suburban life!

Jodine said...

This was fun to Read! Maybe I will try to remember all the jobs I've done too. At least they helped us learn how to work and not just play video games!