Monday, February 20, 2006

Lean forward...

...And you either fall on your face or run. That's why my Uncle Tom says running is the easiest sport in the world. So. I'm training for my first race in 15 years. No, I haven't been training for 15 years...I simply haven't ran a race in 15 years....or ran much for that matter. Tonight was a breakthrough as I kept going for 12 minutes with only a 2.5 minute walk in the middle. That's like double improvement! Extra bonus that I didn't go into cardiac arrest, too!

I'll take a moment here to thank my aforementioned Uncle Tom for being my main inspiration! He is 50-something and I think he runs every race they put on in the Wichita area...not only runs them, but usually wins in his age group...rock on! He is a very encouraging person and challenges me to set goals higher than I think I can attain. So we'll see...I've got til 3-11 to be ready for the KC St. Pat's's to hitting the pavement!

Oh, and other inspirations? How about turning 3.0., two babies, one friend who has ran marathons, one triathalons, and I can't jog 50 yards w/o keeling over! Sheesh!

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