Friday, February 17, 2006

Chocolate Soup

That just happens to be what I'm finishing drinking...actually chocolate soy milk...I've had better beverages. This is my intro into blogging. I've spent the last hour or so checking out blogs from friends in my previous life in Knoxville. I can tell that my heart is sad...not missing life so much there, as I'm very content with my life now, but their zeal and passion expressing all that God is doing in their lives is so evident.

What am I thinking!? I have the same spirit within...I think perhaps I'm just out of practice expressing it in all my various walks of living. Okay. Shake of the blah and get to it...

Reasons for posting a blog:
1. I'm too lazy to write in my journal.
2. I'm always online anyway.
3. I can show off my sweet kiddos.
3. Writing practice! I'd like to publish something, someday...for real.
4. Why not?

Here is a picture of my family at Kai's birthday party last Saturday! He's been taking a few steps at a time since that day and even made it half way across the kitchen today!

To any and all that read my posts, hope you enjoy my ramblings...this may become addicting!


pizzicatto said...

so far I enjoyed your ramblings!

Jodi said...

This is so cool! I will make one...soon, just not now. I just got the sewing machine out and if I don't do that I won't get back to it soon, but this is right up my alley! So soon it will be. Neat you have a friend in California now!