Monday, February 11, 2013

Giddy with Gold

Up, eat, go to other house, get school going, paint, feed munchkins, paint, more school, paint, eat again, paint. Yeah, guess what I've been doing? But it looks faaa-buulous (can you hear me sing that?).

Pictures say more than words, so peruse at your leisure...of course, I'll have to add a few comments.

Elena's mural wall completed
After sketching the design in pencil, I started filling it in using a small angled brush and attempting a steady hand.   I ended up going over the entire scroll two-three times tweaking the curves and touching up edges.  This design was copied from a picture we found on Houzz (the world's most awesome, inspiring home design site) and I would link to it here but my iMac is having some internet issues and can't get to it.

Aqua bath for our girl
The golden hallway (paint is wet here)...lovin' the chocolate doors!  I've had lots of comments about them...go for it at your house...and painting them on the hinges seems to be the easiest.
Ahhh...that's a touch of sun going in under the master bath tiles.  A Sun Touch tile warmer mat thingy, that is.  I dared not even ask my super-handy honey to get this for us...but HE brought it up and wanted to try it.  Wheeee!  My piggies will be happy.  As long as it works.  It's almost ready to hook up.  Fingers crossed!

Kitchen "before" aka "this morning"
Kitchen "after" aka "this afternoon". 
And that's it.  For today at least.  Tomorrow brings more gold on the main level hall and living fun Valentine's Day parties at the kiddo's academy.   I think I'll go crash now. 

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