Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Work has Begun!

Whattyaknow.  Between real life and working on the new house, finding the time to journal about our progress is rare.  So while the pasta boils, here's a peek at what we've started with one good work Saturday and snippets of time from day to day.

Eric is on floor duty, and this one is icky!  It's the powder room on the main floor hallway and had a tad bit of a toilet leak.  Thankfully, the subfloor does not need replaced so it's ready to prep for tile in this pic.


Meanwhile, I've started tackling the walls and trim, starting in the smallest bedroom.  The prepwork is fantastic.  I think perhaps the previous owners let their kiddos loose with pushpins and posters.  Anywhoo, spackle is my friend.

Bye, bye vinyl!!

Eric was going to learn a new skill and refinish the kitchen floors himself, but after talking to several people and doing more research, we've decided to leave it to the professionals.  As soon as we get a sample of the prefinished floor that we're installing in the living room, we'll have the refinishers match the stain as close as possible.

Mmmm....chocolate!  I'm pretty traditional, a lot eclectic and a tad bit trendy with my decorating, so for the interior doors I'm going with trend.  They are all getting a fresh coat (or two...or three) of deeply chocolate paint.  I LOVE them with the fresh white trim!  This is getting started on door #1 of....hmmm....I don't think I want to count.

Ooh, look!  Progress on that nasty powder room floor!  This was taken last night and now it's almost complete.  We choose a rich brown tile for all the bathrooms and laundry.  It's color variations remind me of a well-loved leather chair.  ♥

I always let my kids paint--at least a little bit--in their own room.  Here Zane takes to the roller with relish!

Last night's finishing touch was hanging the closet doors in Zane's now finished bedroom (except carpet).  Looks FANTASTIC! 

Now I'm onto the prep work in Kai's bedroom.  This window sill has some water damage so after sanding through several layers of paint, I gave up and spackled the whole thing to resurface it.  I spent this afternoon cutting in and hope to get over there tonight to finish cut #2.

So it's a start!  We ordered the prefinished wood floor today and decided on the carpet.  In other news, we had two showings on our Sandpiper house this weekend so traffic is picking up...and so am I...ya know, socks, laundry, legos, legos and did I mention legos?

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Anjanette said...

Looks fun! Part of me thinks that I wish my hubby were into aesthetics and home improvement projects so that I could use all of the fun ideas I see. On the other hand, I'm pretty ok with the fact that we are renting our next place and there's no pressure since I'm pretty terrible at it! ;) Here's hoping both of our houses sell soon!