Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lilla Rose Headband Styles

Wow! You all really love the Lilla Rose headbands as much as I do. Since I've started carrying them at my booth for shows and home parties I've realized how popular they are and decided to show you a couple different ways to wear them.

First up is this fun style that my new friend Anjanette was sporting when we met yesterday. Decided to give it a whirl this morning and like it! Very feminine, romantic, vintage-looking do. Anjanette said she found it somewhere on Pinterest...ah, love that Pinterest!

Here's what the captions read (they look tiny here): 1. Start with elastic headband as usual, but on TOP of your hair. 2. Twist & tuck sections up and around the elastic band. With long hair you'll want to fold the sections in half before twisting & tucking. 3. Secure layers with bobbies. If you don't have layers, add some for extra bling!

Second is a classic half-up secured with a flexi clip and the headband for accent. This is one of my go-to styles lately. Love it! For those of you that like "the bump", a flexi + headband is perfect. I'm not too "bumpy" myself, as you can see, but a little is fun.

The great thing about our beautiful beaded headbands is that they have a super-soft, adjustable elastic band that allows you to wear them without the typical discomfort of an all-around band. They won't give you a headache and if they feel a tad tight after a few hours you can just make it a bit looser. Fabulous!

Here's my link if you want to go shop, or local friends can just give me a call as I carry them in stock for $18. Go ahead, make the world a prettier place...wear your Lilla Rose hair jewelry!

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Anjanette said...

Love it! Looks great on you!!