Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baptism Day!

Our church, Vox Dei Community, gathered at a neighborhood pool this morning for our annual baptism service. We have been talking a lot about baptism with Elena and Kai over the last couple months and they (and we) both decided they wanted to do it this year as an act of obedience to God and demonstration of their heart commitment to Him. It was exciting!

The heat finally broke last night, seemingly just in time for setting a beautiful scene as six people were baptized this morning! Below are our two...I love how Elena is praying.

Eric and Rustin, our pastor, with Elena:

And then with Kai:

And then, after the picnic began....wheeee!

Thanks for the great pictures Kristi! I'll upload my own sometime and then will have the group shot of our whole family as Eric's parents all came down to be there. Praise God for a good day, one my kiddos will remember!

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