Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More than ordinary...

Today in essence was very ordinary. But sometimes on ordinary days, things more than ordinary occur.

First, my honey stayed home sick from work...very un-ordinary! He slept or rested most of the day and I think was still partially in his jammies at 9 o'clock tonight. As much as anyone likes being home for the day to laul around on the couch...the "not-feeling-so-hot" feeling kinda takes away from the novelty.

Next, we had another new niece born early this morning! Yay! Travis & Kim Eastwood are now parents to three little girls ages 3, 1 & brand new. Cheers to them! Cheri was unsure on the name...Travis called her this morning and he was a understandably a little fuzzy on the phone after a long night. It might be Mayla Lee? But I'll get back to that after I know for sure. (UPDATE: Yes, her name is Mayla Leigh, she was 6# 11 oz. & 19" long...just bright eyed and sweet as can be!)

The kids and I stayed home all day today doing school, playing & housework. Naps were lovely & we went up to church for Bible study tonight. As I think about it, I don't think the kids were at each other's throats with constant bickering...perhaps that's part of the peaceful feeling I have as the day closes.

Oh, oh! And one last thing...I got my new book in the mail that is for the Jane book club at our library that I just discovered started meeting in the evenings rather than the afternoons...I can go now! It's titled "An Assembly Such As This" and is P&P from Darcy's point of view.

What a good day.

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