Friday, August 24, 2007

'Puter Nerd

I guess I'm now a computer nerd. Besides blogging, I'm on myspace, facebook, cafemom, have my own website, get all my recipes online, google things left and right, communicate mainly through email, pay all my bills, and today finally figured out how to download my checking account balance directly into MS Money so I never have to use a pencil and calculator again! Whew! (The funny thing about the whole download my checking thing is that when I was a working girl (I use that term loosely), I was part of the helpdesk team that assisted customers in figuring out how to do just that! How many years did it take me to jump on the bandwagon???)

Well, anyway, just wondering if any of my bliends (that's Rustin's new term for blogging friends) are on any of thee above. Surely you are. Send me an add & we can be 'puter nerd friends together!

BTW, Eric bought me a snazzy new 19" flat screen monitor last weekend! Yeee-eeee! I is so excited!

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