Monday, October 16, 2006

One of those days...

Okay, so one is on the floor screaming because he can't have the froot loop bracelet, even though I've given him some loose in a baggie. The other is asking why she can't have markers to color with because "the colors (crayons) won't work...there are broken ones". Sob. So she says she's not making a rainbow anymore. (I guess that's supposed to pursuade me to change my mind?!)

I'm trying to pack for a 5 day trip out to see my sister and her family (new baby! yay!)...I'm very excited to be there. Not so excited about the preparation! This morning, when doing the girl's hair, she decided to throw a fit because she couldn't find her fake bar of princess soap in her vanity (evidently an essential part of her beauty routine). This catapulted her into hysterics which were compounded when I said no 'Jasmine' hairdo since she lost control. my bathroom we go for calming down and some much needed correction (the 'naughty step' didn't work this time!).

Meanwhile, the boy decides to dig in my makeup drawer for some lipstick...this being the very tube I hid WAY in the back to keep out of his reach just an hour earlier. Needless to say, upon emerging from the watercloset with my now calm girl, boy is announcing that the eyeliner pencil he was using to dig out the lipstick with is "STUCK" in the tube! To my dismay, I looked down to see two little hands completely covered with pink and smears of lipstick all over my vanity area carpet--THICK smears! I know my honey wants to spend a weekend putting in nice tile in our bathroom anyway! Right, dear?

So...the gate goes up across the hallway and the two of them alternate between playing in their rooms and crying to get "OUT!!!" for a good 45 minutes while I paitently scrub the carpet stains (only time will tell if they will really come out)and pack my own bag for the trip. A few hours of calm follow which is quite the relief. Well, I'm only actually to hour number 3.5 since the incidents so it's not really been all quiet...but better than complete chaos.

This story I'm sure will continue in saga form as the hours go on! Ah, the joys of motherhood...but I wouldn't have it any other way...and thankfully, God has already helped me laugh and though I'm a bit on the short fuse side today, I haven't blown my top!

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